International Frisbee Tournament Software

There are a variety of software programs available to improve the efficiency of tournament coordinators by keeping track of player statistics. They are usually simple to use, affordable and offer excellent customer support. The right software can make the difference between an organized event and catastrophe. Many of these programs do not deliver the promises they make, and can cost tournament organizers money.

A well-liked choice among coordinators is You for All, developed by former Red Hot Foreign Frisbee players. This simple application helps organizers of tournaments to enter their information into an online database. Another option is Global Information, which also offers a trial period for free and great customer support. Both programs offer a user friendly internet interface and support numerous video game codes.

Other tournament software for international competitions includes R2. This is a useful gizmo for both players and organizers. It lets tournament organizers record information stream games live and create profiles for teams. It will also send drives with notices of important information and changes. It will also allow players to schedule an event in the near future, and to challenge other players to games on a ladder of challenge.

Online payments are simple to do with tournament registration software from Playpass. They are safe and processed by Stripe and can be transferred on to players or taken over by the organizer. It’s an easy, cost-effective and fast method to accept online payments. Additionally, this software makes it easy for directors to seed their brackets and set match times. The results will be displayed on the tournament’s website in real time.

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